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[In]Brace – A Tongue Computer Interface That Could Prove Useful For Accessibility In Gaming!

It’s been a while since we talked about techs that can change lives on here so I wanted to highlight this really cool innovation called [In]Brace – A Tongue Computer Interface, a device that lets you control various interfaces!

There’s a lot of application that could be made useful with [In]Brace, but for me, I see it being very useful in gaming, a space that could use more ways to allow accessibility to games!

The [In]Brace is part of Clasen’s master thesis in Human-Computer Interaction design and research! It is made from plastic and customized for each user’s mouth! All of it connected via a wired to a wifi module worn behind the ear. Honestly, this is all pretty cool and could push the accessibility in gaming even further. Check out the video below.

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