There’s no doubt that Ghost of Tsushima is the most critically acclaimed game of this year. PlayStation really is ending this generation with a bang. This also got me thinking, that I want to see more IP’s like Ghost of Tsushima, games that divert from the norm and allow their creators to express their vision with absolute freedom.

From Horizon Zero Dawn and ORI to CONTROL and Sekiro, we need more studios to take more risks and create something new. It’s very clear that the gaming community is hungry to experience something other than the established IP’s. Of course, many would like to see sequels for their favorite games, but it’s nice to see something new and unexpected once in a while, and Ghost of Tsushima made me realize that!

That’s why I’m more excited to see what the next-gen will offer to the table, the future of gaming seems to be brighter than ever! I may clown on Xbox but they are introducing more new IP than anyone else so I gotta give my praise. The next-gen seem to be filled with new IPs left and right and that how I like to see them!

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