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Black Sun: An Upcoming Manga-Inspired Webtoon About A secret Shinobi society!

Another day, another chance to highlight an upcoming indie project, this time we’re going to be highlighting a webtoon comic called Black Sun, a story about ninjas! That alone already caught my eye, that and of course the clean art!

According to ChocolateCityComics,

Black Sun Manga centres around a young boy by the name of Yu, who has had his whole life turned upside-down when a Demon finds him and refers to him as the “Key” while murdering his mother before his eyes.
He later finds out she was from a secret Shinobi society tasked with protecting the mortal realm from an unholy evil prophecy set to repeat itself.
The manga begins with him seeking the power to avenge his mother’s death, but he ends up finding so much more!

From what I’ve seen of the character design over on their official Instagram account, it definitely has that manga aesthetic to it which I already dig! Plus the characters seems to boost a lot of personalities just from what I’ve seen. Of course looking cool isn’t enough to make a manga, or in this case a webtoon great. The story also plays a major part in whether it’ll end up being good! I have hopes that it will turn out alright! Anyways, I thought I’d share it with you guys!

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