Out of all they showed us at the Xbox Game showcase, the return of Fable was my highlight! I mean we kinda knew about it for a while now but it was nice to finally have it confirmed! However, aside from that small teaser trailer, it was not clear whether this would be a sequel to Fable 3 or a remake of the first Fable game. Heck, rumor has it it might actually be a MMO! I pray that the latter part ain’t true!

Accroding to Gameradar, Playground Games’ Fable game will be reportedly an MMO set in Lionhead’s fantasy universe, and not a direct sequel to the original trilogy. I can already hear the fanbase cry out in agony if this news is right! No one wants an mmo, it definitely will not capture the magic that the first two games were able to create.

We know that Microsoft itself has described Playground’s Fable title as a “a completely fresh start” for the acclaimed RPG series, though neither publisher nor studio has revealed much more beyond that. So hearing that, I assumed that Fable would be a remake, taking what made the first and second games great and creating something new in the modern times. This wouldn’t be the first time that they tried to create something new with the IP. Anyone remember Fable Legends? How about Fable Fortune? Yeah, my point exactly! Those weren’t’ bad games but they weren’t the ones the fans want!

I’ll remain hopefully that either we get a remake, a sequel or at the very least this so called MMO actually brings something new to the table that no other MMO has done so far! I know, that’s not realistic but hey, I gotta hope for the best with this one here! Let me know what you guys think about all this?

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