Over the past few years, we’ve seen website come and go, claiming to be the next YouTuber killer, however, the reality is that YouTube will never be dethroned! As much as YouTubers complain about their videos getting demonetized, being blacklisted, or feeling like YouTube is catering to a specific crowd, they have no other place to go and are essentially stuck.

Youtube is the dominant force when it comes to video streaming! That much is fact. Now think about every single video hosting site that has come in the past or is still running today. Vidme, Bitchute, Lbry, Dtube, and the likes, what about them makes them so less appealing than YouTube. We saw how TikTok, an app that literally only added the ability to add music to your video and blew up to became the most used app in the world. Literally IGTV can do the same yet did not see the same success as TikTok!

So why hasn’t a single one of these sites found even a slither of success, enough to make some noise in the video streaming space? Well, my hypothesis is that a lot of these sites seem to focus on the things that an outcast group of people are complaining about on YouTube, while not realizing that most of that complaints are coming from a loud minority! Essiantlyu, these sites’ main selling point is the preservation of “free speech”, from the monster that is censorship on YouTube. However, what they’ve failed to realize is that only the fringe gives a crap about “freedom of speech”!

Let me explain, you see freedom of speech is not a right on any platform, the platform as every right to determine what you can and can’t say! It is something we value, yes, but it is not a right! And although I do agree that YouTube’s clear bias towards a certain group hinders another, most people generally don’t care like that! It’s not a selling point that draws the average Joe to any site. People want to have fun plain and simple! TikTok provided that fun and was rewarded for it! Creators want o find the nest hotspot for growth and could care less about being allowed to call out or critique a political point!

The truth of the matter is none of these sites are reinventing anything! Unless they can find a way to actually add some value that people want, they’ll never be able to garner the same success as TikTok!

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