So, BAFTA is introducing BFI Diversity Standards for 2021 British Game prize, and at first that didn’t seems out of the ordinary or crazy, until you actually look and read what the requirements are to qualify! That is what makes it borderline ludicrous and I have to say, it’s quite concerning!

Entries for next year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Game Awards will be using the BFI’s Diversity Standards for its British Game categoryThe BFI’s Diversity Standards is designed to have representation in under-represented groups across video games, their development teams and the industry as a whole. According to them:

We are pleased to announce the pilot of the BFI Diversity Standards for the British Game category this year, with the aim of fully introducing diversity standards to BAFTA’s Games Awards in the future,” BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry OBE said.

“This is part of our efforts to support the industry in its drive to create a more diverse, representative and inclusive UK games industry. Alongside our year-round global programme of events and initiatives, BAFTA will continue to find new ways to drive positive and impactful change.”

All of it sounds pretty cool and progressive, and it allows for more diversity, however I personally can’t agree with the way they’re approaching this! Just to note they’ve been implementing this standard with the film awards in 2019 but since I don’t care for their film awards I never noticed it! Reading this standard has me concerned that games with great gameplay and story may not even be considered if they don’t meet one of these diversity criteria! In fact, some of these criteria are borderline insane! To achieve Standard A you will need to meet THREE of the criteria listed and once you see them, you’ll understand why I feel this will jeopardize how people will make games in the future!

It doesn’t make sense how you have to explain in your fantasy world why it relates to the our world and how the characters relate to real under-represented group! This extremely worrisome if it ends up catching on with other awards! You can read the blog for yourself!

Let me know what you guys think about ALL OF THIS!

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