I had to talk about this as I was quite surprised by India’s ban on China’s most popular app, Tiktok along with 58 other apps! What made the event even more hilarious is how China, the country known for the “GREAT FIREWALL!” had the audacity to get annoyed when another countries bans their app!

So in case you’re out of the loop, I’ll give you a short summery:

Two weeks ago, a border skirmish on India’s northern frontier with China left 20 Indian soldiers dead. It’s not known how many Chinese troops were killed as of this blog post. In response, India banned TikTok last week, along with 58 other Chinese apps and China was not happy about that! Officially, India says it’s because of security concerns but we know better!

Even before all of this, TikTok has faced backlash before by the US as they claimed the app was used to spy on people! Not to mention that a hacker recently reverse-engineered the app and found that TikTok was accessing way more than what was allowed. That has made TikTok extremely nervous and attempts to distance itself from China.

Overall, I think this is an important event that needed to happen. I often wondered how China is able to enter into all these market, yet had the most strictest laws preventing the rest of the world from entering into their market. It’s a reality check that China, and the rest of the world needed and India is the one that spear headed it!

Whether the rest of the world will follow suit and ban the app remains to be seen but it is entertaining to say the least!

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