Before you guys get on my neck, yes I know the game is still in development and it is subject to change, however, despite all of that I still couldn’t help but feel like I was looking at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 2.0! And depending who you ask could very well be a good thing or a bad thing! For me, it’s the latter!

The leaked gameplay, which is now making its round on the web, showed us thirty-minutes of gameplay & the new protagonist, Eivor the Viking, as they take part in large-scale battles both on land and at sea. Much of it looks very similar to Odyssey, forsaking stealth in exchange for a bigger, brawl-like take on combat.

I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw, to be honest. Technical struggles aside like animations and things clipping into things, the game looked and felt almost the same as Odyssey! There were some cool mechanics shown off, like the new skill menu but overall, the direction they’re going with in terms of the RPG stuff has really robbed Assassin’s creed of its core, and what made the past games fun! I enjoyed Origins, however the same can’t be said for Odyssey at 100%! It’s a good game Odyssey, but I find myself often times forcing myself to get throught the story! Now now Valhalla is looking to head into the same direction.

Also, I have to note the voice acting in the gameplay was not great at all! There was barely any passion in their voice, which is partly why I was so against having the options to choose gender, and a dialogue option in an Assassin’s game to begin with! We following a story based on history and linage, I’m not interested in picking the dialogue myself. That’s why I favored Origins a lot more than Odyssey!

Then again, I understand that not all Assassin’s are built equally! Some sneak, some raid but all face the same enemy at the end of the day! For me, thanks to the leaked gameplay video, I have massively tempered my expectations, and lowered my hype so much so that I won’t be picking this game up in the week that it comes out! This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla seems like a game I’ll be picking up months after its release, at a bargain. Maybe my opinion might change come July 12th or even a week before the game’s release but I highly doubt that!

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