Who would have thought that the FGC was harboring this many predators within their own community! Many voices have come out, and one even calls out the CEO of EVO, Joey Cuellar to which EVO has promptly taken action! I mean, they’ve been whispers in the past but now the floodgate has been opened!

Let me make this very clear, all the claims and voices that have come out are still within the realms of allegations, so there’s no proof that any of the people called out has been proven to be predators and pedophiles. Yet, this has been a recurring theme within the FGC! Year after year, you’d hear whispers of someone doing unspeakable things and getting away with it. Abusing their power and taking advantage of people for their on sick pleasure!

So it’s safe to say that some might be true while others could also very well be a cash grab for clout. Now, along Cinnpie & D1, Nairo who has as of this moment deleted his Twitter account, and CEO Of EVO Joey Cuellar put on administrative leave, things are not looking too good! In fact, there have been more than 20 people from the FGC who have been accused of allegedly been predators and alleged pedophiles! With more surely to come!

Either way, a proper investigation will have to be done to put those guilty behind bars! I understand that emotions are high right but we have to remember that it is innocent until proven guilty, the internet is NOT a court and this is are serious claims! As much as it sickens me to know we might have sick bastards among the FGC, we still have to give them the benefit of the doubt and hear their side of the story! And we have to punish those who make false claims as their actions could hinder future victims from coming forward.

Also, I’d like to point out that if these accusation are true, it speaks volume to the underlining problem within the FGC, and also how when someone is accused, after a year of hiatus and without investigation to clear their names, they are welcomed back like nothing happened. That cannot happen this time around!

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