You know, 2020 has been one hell of a bizarre year so I shouldn’t be too surprised when TIME magazine decides to post an article that claims that Super-heroes are basically Cops with capes!

TIME posted an article that pretty much talks about how we have to re-examine who we call super heroes, and that the modern comic heroes we have today are basically cops with capes. The author has given some heroes exception to the rule, but the overall ruling is that we gotta fix them. Now, some of her takes weren’t necessarily bad, as she talks about diversity and whatnot, which is great, but I feel the writer has missed the point as to why many people enjoy these super heroes in the first place.

First off, comparing these super heroes to cops is a massive reach, and honestly kinda disrespectful to these super heroes! Most cops in the world aren’t as terrible as the American police force, and secondly comic books in the past have always addressed police brutality and other important issues in both a overt and covert manner . Super Heroes at its core is meant to be an embodiment of what we average, weak humans should strive to become! To do what’s right and oppose evil wherever it rears its ugly head! That’s how many of us geeks have come to see these characters. Also, it’s cool to see powerful people do cool shit!

Legion of Super-Heroes

And in fact, super heroes come in many forms, so to compare them to cops is kinda dumb. We got the standard hero, the by the book hero, lone hero, goofy hero, anti-hero you get the point! Yeah, I do remember hearing about how American cops had stickers of Punisher, weirdly admiring his way of handling criminals to the point that Marvel had to address it, but that has nothing to do with Punisher, but has everything to do with cops forgetting why they took the oath in the first place. It also speaks volumes to their nature and is a testament as to why Black Lives Matter became a thing!

In a nutshell, the premise from this blog is that “white heroes bad, colored heroes good” which only creates more division among us! Comic books brings fans together, so to try and paint the white race as all bad like that, when it’s a portion of them that’s problematic is unfair! I just find it ironic that it’s a white women that wrote this blog, further proofing my point that that people who try to help, often make matters much worse! Lets leave the bad takes behind huh? 2020’s already kicking all of our asses, we don’t need another more reasons to get annoyed!

I do agree that we need more diversity, trust me no one is disputing that. However, there a natural and right way to do it, and there’s a wrong way to do it!

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