Why did Dr. Disrespect get banned? That’s the million-dollar question. The whole gaming community is at a loss when they learned of Dr. Disrespect’s sudden permaban of Twitch. While everyone is trying to figure out WHY he got banned, I want to focus your attention on another matter. And that matter is HOW EASY it was for DR. Disrecpetc to lose everything with a click of a button!

I’ve done a lot of research on everything that has transpired with Dr.Disrespect, from him finding out that his channel was about to terminate, to Twitch, and everyone involved remaining silent. It’s bizarre, to say the least, and has captured the minds of gamers across the sphere. It’s safe to say that whatever this guy did, it must have been serious enough to warrant this level of discretion. However, what I wanted to talk about is how easy it is for him to get terminated on a platform and why it is not good to place all your eggs in one basket.

Even though I believe that Dr. Disresecpt knew why he got banned moments before it happened, he did post a rather odd tweet about not knowing what was going on:

So if we were to take his tweet at face value, it would mean that his account was terminated without so much as a warning. That is beyond scary! Think about that for a minute, Twitch didn’t even have the courtesy to even warn him or alert him, he had to find out like everyone else. If that doesn’t wake people up in realizing that you don’t own the channels you create and that they have to diversify, then I don’t know what will. As one of the biggest Twitch streamers, it boggles the mind how Twitch ended up treating him like that. However, if he deserved it then that’s another story!

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