I’ve been playing Ninjala over the past few days and man oh man, is this game both fun and frustrating! I’m still trying to figure whether that’s a bad or a good thing.

Ninjala is a free-to-play multiplayer action video game developed and published by GungHo Online Entertainment. I don’t usually play battle royale games, but I have made an unusually exception with this game! And I am g;ad that I did! It’s surprisingly addictive in a fun and frustrating way! It’s fun when you’re winning, and frustrating when the game does everything within its power to screw you over.

Then when the match is over, you end up telling yourself “OK, one more game”! The only way I’ve been able to put down the game, is when the Switch runs out of battery! That’s how you know you’re hooked!

Maybe, it’s just me but I’m having a blast with this game. However, they are some grievance that I have with Ninjala as a game. The first is this weird weapon customization system. You see, when you collect or unlock a new skin for a weapon, apparently you have limited use of the skin before you lose the right to use it again! It makes you wonder why anyone would pay actual money in the gacha game to unlock skins for your weapon.

The second thing is the lack of tutorials in the game. Everything I know about Ninjala, I had to learn via playing online! In addition, the story is hidden behind a paywall, the distribution of the in-game currency is scarce at best and horrible at worse, making you wonder if the grind will be worth it. Climbing the ladder in rank is torture as when you lose A LOT of points when you rank below 4th rank. So for example, if you come first place you tend to get 18 pts but if you come 5th place, you tend to lose 16 pts so the grind feels like a struggle!

I have to mention that there’s only two maps and two modes right now, but I heard there’s more content to come, so lest hope that it will be soon.

In terms of the network and connection, for me it has been great. However, I have to note that some people have had issues with the game trying to log in so there’s that! And lastly, some weapon’s ability like the hammer’s stun AOE and the nuke rocket that drops outta nowhere are OP as hell. Hopefully that gets nerved soon.

Overall, since Ninjala is a free to play sort of, it’s not bad for what it is but I do hope there more content coming soon. Otherwise, this game might not survive for more than a month. Still fun though, but it needs more!

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