Over the past few days, we have seen a rise of women coming forward with their #MeToo experience in various industries. As expected, everyone instantly believed all the women that came forward without waiting for an actual investigation and/or provided facts or evidence! It’s basically a second wave of the #MeToo movement, well sort off!

Let me be perfectly clear with what I’m trying to say here. It is great that women who genuinely have been sexually assaulted are coming forward to expose the sick monsters within our community. I do hope that they get their justice and those sick people face the consequences of their action. However, I have noticed two things from the wave of voices coming forward. The first is that the variety of claims seem to range from actual rape to just some women “feeling” unconformable with an interaction that could’ve been something as simple as receiving an unwanted hug! I’m not downplaying the latter, but I feel like these kinds of claims are diluting the actual serious claims currently been voiced out!

Secondly, the internet once again is playing judge and are condemning everyone mentioned in these claims without a shred of evidence or even waiting to see what the accused has to say for themselves. I have a massive problem with this mob mentality because when these accused come back with proof of their innocence or a statement that counters the claim, it sends an unfortunate message that we should believe or worse, take these #METOO claims less serious. All I’m saying is that all claims should be taken seriously, however we still have to operate on the premise of “innocent until proven guilty”! It’s very important that we remain rational, to ensure that we don’t make the mistake of destroying the lives of actual innocent people and to put those guilty behind bars and throw away the keys. Facts, not wild emotions is the only way to achieve true justice!

False claims is a thing, people can be petty and we’ve seen cases of this happening in the past. Going on a cancel spree will not help anyone!

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