I have to say, Vegeta hands down has shown perhaps one of the greatest growth of all Dragon Ball character, both in strength and in character! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 showcases Vegeta his new Forced Spirit Fissure technique and his growth as a person.

I won’t lie, I was thrilled to see Vegeta change so much from his early days in Dragon Ball. This guy went from being a bloodthirsty killer to someone who genuinely wants to atone for his sins. He even acknowledges that he won’t be going to heaven when he dies and that kinda got to me. Shit, Vegeta is cold for that one! Hope he does get a better outcome!

If he doesn’t end up being the one to take down Moro, you can throw the whole manga out the window. His ability too is super overpowered. The fact that he has a technique like the Forced Spirit Fissure is nuts! He has officially surpassed Goku, to which even Goku comments that he going to catch up to him. As of this manga chapter, he is the strongest fighter!

Of course Moro has another trick up his sleeves but that’s what Dragon Ball is all about! I just hope that Vegeta gets the kill otherwise I won’t happy and I’m sure the fan base wants the same thing!

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