Is Koji Kashin THE Jiraiya? We finally have it confirmed! For better or worse, we now know the real identity of Koshin Koji in BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS manga chapter 47! Nevertheless, we actually got something new from this chapter, another concept of stars being used to align with a character. First it was Boruto and his “Star of Hope”, and now Koshin Koji with his “Star of Change”, heavily emphasizing on how certain people have the abilities to change fate and destiny itself!

I won’t lie, this whole Koshin Koji being a clone of Jiraiya really doesn’t sit well with me. I mean, at least he’s not revived or anything but come on. Well, I can’t exactly be mad, we’ve been hinted at this for a while now. It juts feels like a trope like with Obito. That aside, there was something that Jigen, or to be more precise, Isshiki Ōtsutsuki mentioned that caught my eye!

It seems that the person who created Koshin knew something about the Jiraiya’s ability to change fate or at the very least direct it to another path, so much so that he went out of his way to recreate what I assume is the prefect replicate of Jiraiya. Now, I’m not sure how all this Star stuff works, but I would assume that the soul of a person would be needed for something like s Star of Change to have nay effect. Koshin is a clone, not a real person. Unless, the chakra of someone is enough for that to happen.

If Jiraiya‘s chakra or soul has the ability to change the course of destiny thanks to his Star of Change, then that gives us a little clue to what Boruto’s Star of Hope might entail. It could be the ability to give hope, shed light in the face of darkness, or maybe even be an oxymoron of sort. Meaning that in Boruto’s future, his start robs him of his hope! Keep in mind that Jiraiya died for his star to work, so there might be a cost to being part of the asterism that can alter the course of fate! Either way, I guess we’re going to watch Jiraiya die a second time again, great!

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