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Enough Of Slave Movies, We’ve Had Enough Of The Bullshit Hollywood! Boycott Them!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’ve had enough of slave movies! Hearing that Will Smith is going to be starring in yet ANOTHER slave movie really got under my skin! We have such an rich history, why is Hollywood so damm fixated on making only slavery movies or gang movies when it comes to African history! Well, I’ve had enough of them and have decided to just boycott any and all slave movies years ago and I think it’s high time we start doing the same to send Hollywood a clear message, enough is enough!

I enjoyed seeing Europe & Asia respectively been represented in movies for years but I also feel like Africans have literally been reduced to just slavery, which is why the world is so damm clueless to how much Africans actually shaped and contributed in the world! Media has the power to change all that and educate people, or at the very least get them to be more interested in learning more about Africa and her people!

It could be a great way to introduce concepts such as Songhai Empire, The Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Benin, Nubia Kingdom, the Moors just to name a few to people who’ve probably never heard of them before. Heck, how about a PROPER representation of the ancient Egyptians! And no, not one that follows Cleopatra but one that tells the story of the rulers who built the pyramids, like Khufu, an ancient Egyptian monarch who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, in the first half of the Old Kingdom period.

How about the story of Mansa Musa, an African King who ruled over the empire of Mali in the 14th Century or The Queen of Sheba, an African figure first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, a queen from Sheba, a South Arabian kingdom of Saba in present-day Yemen. that was one of the colonies of ancient Ethiopia, before the fall of the Axum Empire.

I’ve had enough of slavery film, or gang war films or anything that talks about the “struggle”. Enough is enough, either tell more interesting stories Hollywood or don’t at all!

5 thoughts on “Enough Of Slave Movies, We’ve Had Enough Of The Bullshit Hollywood! Boycott Them!

  1. Can’t get truer than this! I would love to be introduced to all those intriguing empires and figures you brought up through some more original piece of media too. Do you have any recommendations on places to start?

      1. Hey, random that I remembered this comment but there is one African that is notable if you’re interested in checking it out! It’s called Shaka Zulu, a 1986 film based on the Zulu kingdom! That’s the only one, which makes it even more sad!

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