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I don’t know how I stumbled upon XOGenaSYS, but I gotta say it does look pretty cool from the first teaser preview posted about 4 months ago!

Here’s the synopsis:

The future has grown into a decadent, overcrowded gang-ridden cesspool. If you’re not living uptown, you might as well be dead. Such is the case of Darius Smith, an artistic youth living in the hood, doing his best to avoid trouble and live life.

Unfortunately, Darius has a hidden talent – he’s an explosive fighter! This makes him the target of many gangs and pits him in many brawls, landing him in the sight of the honorable Timothy Mustafa, powerful prince and owner of one of the most successful XOGeneSYS teams in the country.

XOGenaSYS is a successful gladiator sport fought with powered exoskeletons, and Mustafa wants Darius to become the next new fighter! Can Darius become the next champion or will he fall like so many before him?

It looks interesting, as it reminds me of Megalo Box, in which boxers in the future amplify their abilities with technology in that anime as well.

Noir Caesar is the creator of the manga turned anime, which is currently in a new partnership with D’Art Shtajio, an American anime studio located in Tokyo , or might be handling it! Looking forward to seeing it come to life!

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