J.K. Rowling made a comment, to which once upon a time would have been common knowledge. Only Women menstruate! To be more precise, only women who are born women can and will menstruate. This statement, should never be controversial to any degree. It is observable, has always been observable, and since the dawn of man itself, has never changed! However, that’s not what kinda irked me by the backlash that J.K. Rowling received. What irked me the most is that she couldn’t even voice her own opinion without being attacked, not debated but attacked!

Our world is complex indeed! On this planet, 8 billion people inhabit this blue planet of ours! It is virtually impossible for everyone to share your ideology and believes! Heck, even you reading this may have already disagreed or agreed with my opening statement! That being said, J.K. Rowling has every right to hold any believes that she feels helps her navigate this world of ours! People that like throwing the word bigot around, are unaware what it actually means! Everyone who attacked J.K Rowling, while calling her a bigot, should take a look in the mirror! A Bigot in case you don’t know is a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

Now, for me this whole thing is massively concerning! We’ve reached a point that I feel sets us back in progress! What’s wrong with saying what is basically one of the most indisputable fact of life? Bully J.K. Rowling to fall in line is wrong! Even if you don’t agree with her in what she’s saying, that doesn’t give you the right o force her to take back her opinion. Why not debate her? I don’t know, it’;s all messed up in my opinion. JK Rowling been criticized for tweets taking issue with the phrase “people who menstruate” should not have caused such as massive backlash like this! At most, a debate or a open dialogue. Instead, every media outlet jumped at her like some hungry hyenas! Heck, even Daniel Radcliffe had something to say to her

I just can’t condone her been ostracized for sharing what has always been a universal agreed biological feature of a woman! I didn’t see her throw hate or vile comments at the trans community, she only shared her thoughts on the socio-political state of our society!

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