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Despite the constant updates and DLC XV2 is receiving, I think I speak for everyone that we all want to hear some news for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3! while we wait for an annoucement to be made, I thought I’d complile all the ideas, wishlist and suggestion I have made over the years for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 and put it all in onbe blog!

So here are all the videos I have made in the past, detailing a lot of the features I want to see for the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3! Keep in mind that some of them are over a year old but have yet to be implemented, and also audio might be crazy a bit on some of them! Nonetheless, I know the community would like at least half of my ideas!

Let me know what you guys think of the various ideas I got!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is taking its sweet time to be revealed so I thought I’d share some ideas that came to mind while watching some game-plays of XV2
Edit: This used to be a video for XV2 but since not of the stuff I wanted showed up in XV2, I translated this vid to XV3!
So as you know, in a couple of months we’ll be getting the extra pack 2 or DLC 6 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that introduces a brand new story and a new villain named Fuu. But what if this is a stepping stone for something great for Xenoverse 3?
After the recent DLC for Xenoverse 2, it got me thinking about what we should expect for Xenoverse 3. I mean, what’s there to expect?
Back at it again with them Xenoverse 3 videos. It’s been a while but my gawd are due for a new Xenoverse 3 game!

To give you a short summary, all I want to see with the new game is a new story, more dynamic transformation (spiky super saiyan hair from base hair please), of course more customization and more multiplayer modes. Anything else is a bonus in my opinion


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