To no one surprise, Sonic The Hedgehog will be getting a sequel, and we know that Tails will be joining the roster, bringing a dire message for Sonic. However, what else should we or shouldn’t we expect from Sonic The Hedgehog 2!

Well, lets start with what we won’t be seeing, most of Sonic’s cast! Aside from Tails, we shouldn’t see all the cast of Sonic pop up in this movie. In fact, if my theory is correct, we’re are in for a long series of movies where we’ll gradually see all the cast of the Sonic universe join the big screen eventually! So Tails, and maybe another original character will end up being the only new character in the movie! The old cast will return like Tom and Maddie, the question is whether they’ll play a major or minor role in the sequel! Lets hope Maddie gets more of a major role!

Plot-wise, funny enough, I don’t think Eggman will be the center point this time around! Usually, Eggman starts it out but then a hidden villain takes the spot! I’m guessing that Eggman will return, partner up with the Echidnas and they’ll come hunt Sonic, which is the warning that Tails is here to tell him! Anything else is a guess in my opinion! I was think about Metal Sonic, but I feel like Eggman hasn’t reached that stage where he’ll decide that if he wanted to beat sonic, he’ll make a Sonic! Chances are, we’ll see Eggman’s first robot aka Egg Mobile as Eggman! Of course I know the fanbase want more Easter eggs and nostalgia, but I would also like to see more of the Sonic we see in the video games. The confident, arrogant Sonic with that 90’s (well 2020) edge of coolness!

Let me know what you guys think?

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