As you know, there’s an wide-scale events going on in the United States right now! Protesters have taken to the streets across the states to protest the unjust killing of a African American man by the name of George Floyd! The protest started out well and peaceful as a protest can be, but eventually few individuals not part of the protest have used the event as a guise to commits crimes across the states. From rioting and instigating by the police, to looting and racist Antifa fueling the flames for anarchy! This has diluted the message coming from the protest!

Of course, many who are able to see through the noise have all showed support for the protest, including well-known video game companies! However, I’m here to discuss why a simple tweet or post is nothing more that virtue signalling to gain points from the masses!

Now I can’t fully prove whether these tweets, post or any form of voicing out their concern for the protest is genuine or not! However, I can look at their track record and say that a tweet alone is not enough, and quite frankly will always come across as a way to get more marketing out for their business rather than actually showing support by donating to the rebuilding of the communities affected by the unjust rioting. Yes, tweeting and showing your support and using your platform to raise awareness is good, however, I have always been an advocate for:

"Actions speaks louder than any words spoken!"

I say this to raise awareness to how companies have functioned in the past and to not be fooled by their supposed “kind words of support”! I would also like to point out the sheer hypocrisy of some of these video game companies in the games industry who’ve claimed to be in support of the protest against police brutality or other form of injustice but have taken stances against it at one point. Blizzard with the whole Blitzchung event and Madden NFL games when they remove Colin Kaepernick name from most of the games song.

They claim to be for the people, for democracy and for justice, but really, they’re only for what makes them the most money! I want the people. the masses to pay REALLY close attention to them. Like I said, I am a firm believer of action speaks louder that words, and if these video game companies in the gaming industry really believed what they’re spewing out of their social media account, we should see them make an active effort to donate to the rebuilding of the communities affect by the riot.

This website is primarily a geek outlet, so I haven’t spoken much on it here! I have spoken more on it on my personal twitter account! Of course I am outraged by the death of George Floyd, and I want those four officers charged and sentenced! However, I can not in good conscious condone the riots that are taking place! These riot are NOT part of the protest, and it infuriates me that the main stream media and certain key individuals in the media space are doing their damm near hardest to bind these two together. I ask that you, as an free-thinking individual to do your own research and be very wary of the sources that you hear from the media. Have many multiple sources! NEVER rely on just one source for the news and for the truth! You can support the protest and condemn the riot.

I’m not trying to take away from the message, but you can’t fool me or anyone who can see through the bullshit! That’s how I feel on the matter!

We all want justice, no one wants chaos! Please share your opinion with me in the comments below and if you’d like to help the communities affected by the rights, a quick search on google will lead you to a number of go fund me’s to help!

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