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Unlike the Xbox, Playstation seems ti undertsand what it means to whne tracending to the next level! When it comes to the PS5, they fully plan on leaving the old-gen behind!

According to Sony’s Jim Ryan:

“We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, that it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features.

“We do believe in generations, and whether it’s the DualSense controller, whether it’s the 3D audio, whether it’s the multiple ways that the SSD can be used… we are thinking that it is time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5.”

Now that’s more like it! This is what I wanted to hear from Xbox, but they decided to go a different route! I’m starting to get hyped for the PS5!

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