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Attack on Titan: The Final Season Will Have New Animation Studio – MAPPA!

A brand new Attack on Titan: The Final Season Trailer just dropped and aside form finally seeing some new content, the biggest news is that it’s a new studio that’s going to be animating the season finale!

“STORY: On the other side of the sea, Eren thought he would find freedom. But beyond the waves is actually revealed the battlefield between the armies of Mahr and Eldia. Eldian warriors rallied to their oppressors must prove themselves there to prove themselves worthy of inheriting the powers of the primordial titans …

STAFF: Original Story: Isayama Hajime Director: Yuichiro Hayashi Character Design: Tomohiro Kishi Animation Production: MAPPA

Aye, from what I saw, the season might be in good hands but it’s too soon to tell yet! I just hope this anime ends on a high note, both visually and narrative -wise!

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