Another day, anothe highlight of a potential gem in the making! You know, I always highlight these games but if you have noticed a game that deserves some highlight, let me know! Anyways, today we’re checking out Out of Place, a game following Simon who wakes up ina stange world.

“Out of Place is the adventure of Simon, a teenager who suddenly finds himself in a destroyed world. Help reactivate an enormous, ancient machine which crashed into the mountainside. Change your skill-set on the fly and adapt your playstyle dynamically using your machine-like companion, the Orb. He not only provides you an immersive UI but also acts as a unique side character. Be brave and engage in action-packed combat and face your fears during atmospheric moments. Out of Place underlines how hard it is to overcome the fear of the future, but instead take action for a better world.


In Out of Place emotion empowers gameplay. The avatar will show emotional reactions to his surroundings, the environment and events. Our ambition is to emphasise the fantastic stories, stagings and emotions of classic Spielberg movies: to tell a serious theme through an imaginative adventure of a teenage protagonist. The gameplay settles between combat-focused RPGs like Dark Souls and Action-Adventures such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

But Out of Place wants to break with conventional mechanics of these genres by establishing a more tactical feel and freedom of choice to the combat system as well as providing atmospheric parts where the protagonist can’t fight at all. Furthermore, it will transfer and expand the setting of classic 2D games like Heart of Darkness, Another World, Flashback or The Way into an action-packed 3D game world while maintaining their typical atmosphere and game feel.”

Out of Place is clearly in it’s early pre-alpha phase but from what they’ve shown, I do like the concept they’re striving for with the game! Not to mention the enemy’s design is what caught my eye in the fist place. It’s looks dope and the overall atmosphere has this eery vibe to it that great for exploration! I hope to see more of this game in the future!

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