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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is getting not one, not two but three games under its belt! A console, mobile and card game!

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Tamashii no Kizuna is one of three upcoming games part of the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai project. It’s a mobile game and it looks pretty cool for the most part!

Infinity Strash is the console version and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t feeling that one all that much. I’ll have to see more but as of now, I’m not too hyped on it. Lastly, there’s Xross Blade, card battle arcade game! I can’t say much since I’m not much on this one!

Infinity Strash


Tamashii no Kizuna


Xross Blade


This is a great day for anyone that’s a fan of the Dragon Quest series!


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