G2A has always been under scrutiny for years, been accused of reselling stolen keys, and denying those allegations. Well, as it turns out it was true!

According to Polygon:

In July 2019, G2A, the company behind the controversial G2A Marketplace, offered to open its transaction history to an independent auditor. The goal was to clear its name of any wrongdoing after years of accusations it helps facilitate the sale of stolen goods. Only a single developer took them up on the offer. Now G2A will voluntarily pay them nearly $40,000.


If you don’t understand why this is such a big deal, let summarise it for you! You see, a Gray market like G2A allows other people to come in and resell their keys and a lower price. The problem there was that a lot of the keys soled on that platform were allegedly stolen, and the ones that it Hurst the most were indie developers.  With Czech-based independent developer Wube Software — makers of Factorio proving them wrong and showing that the keys sold on G2A were stolen, it begs the question of how many more keys were stolen and sold on that platform.

It’s a major win for indie devs, which validates the years of accusations they’ve made towards GSA! Now the question remains if G2A will do the right thing and start revising how they allow keys to be sold on their website. It hurts die devs and makes it difficult to rip the rewards for their work.

Now G2A updated their statement, effectively removing their once claims to compensate any companies who can prove that their keys were stolen, and made it sound like it was only a limited offer to one company only! That was a scummy move on G2A’s part!

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