Another day, another interesting indie game to highlight! Today, we’re checking out The Last Faith – A Dark Gothic Metroidvania by a small team formed by two brothers Duilio and Riccardo Guglielmino!

The Last Faith is an exploration-based Metroidvania, action side-scrolling platformer with dark and gothic themes at its core. The main features of the game are, satisfying reactive action combat system, a high number of different weapons, use of the special buffs to power up you weapons, a variety of magic spells to support your combats, a giant world with terrific environments, and a highly detailed pixel art style.


In a world where magic and science meet and where the belief in an ancient religion is the law — Mythringal rises. A capital in full decadence, where its glorious past has vanished through the passage of time and it has been painted into forgotten tomes of libraries set on fire. The civil war has come to an end and a fatal disease haunts the city, corrupted to the bone.

Within this world, left to its fate lives Eric, a man who remembers nothing and stands in the middle of a conspiracy bigger than himself.

Hidden secrets and tales will bring back an ancestral past created by wars between the messiah and the false prophets. Gods and false gods, spells and alchemies, ancient orders that arise and an evolving race made by unknown creatures called “the Cold Ones” lost through legends and songs, which only a few brave souls are not afraid to sing.

The Last Faith is a Metroidvania that promotes a deep exploration style gameplay with non-linear levels. While you travel around the giant map, you have control over the way you want to be next. Every single spot counts, as you can discover new items, new secret areas, particular puzzles to solve and unique enemies.


You have the choice to wield your favourite weapon as the game provides a large number of them, you will be able to power them up with special buffs and mostly you will cast magic spells against your enemies. All of this is wrapped up in a stunning and highly detailed pixel art style.

With the stunning visual effects, different combosspecial attacks and three types of dodges, The Last Faith provides deep and satisfying reactive action combat. You will be able to switch between a variety numbers of weapons where each of them has different stats and special movesets. Here are some of the melee weaponswe implemented on the game. We are constantly thinking and designing new ideas:  

Also you will be able to choose between different distance weapons such as guns and rifles. They possess a unique passive ability, you can get a bonus chance of breaking the defence and stun the enemy. An example can be seen in this demonstration:

Overall, Last Faith looks really cool! The fluidity of the animation really brings The Last Faith’s world to life and I do like how the dodge system has three version, which means these bosses are going to be insane! If you wanna check them out, go to their Kickstarter to  get more info!

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