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Joe Rogan Decision To Partner Up With Spotify Needs To Succeed!

Time and time again, we’ve seen what happens when creators get a deal to move to another platform, and it bombs. His/her fans don’t always follow with them and from the outside, it feels like their career has fallen into irrelevancy. The latest example I can think of is Ninja aka Richard Tyler Blevins! After signing a deal with Mixer, Ninja, unfortunately, was not able to bring his massive following with him, and Mixer did not get the boost they wanted. However, Joe Rogan might be different! If it pans out well, Joe Rogan could set the precedent to stop the monopoly that YouTube currently has on the media sphere.

I’m sure you know by now that Joe Rogan signed a multi-dollar deal with Spotify! We don’t know the amount as it has not been disclosed, however, it has to be an insane amount to get Joe to even consider moving to another platform. Well, he’s still going to post his clips on YouTube but I’m assuming that if you want to listen to his podcast first, you have to go to Spotify! The reason why I want Joe Rogan move to succeed is to try and take away the insane amount of monopoly that YouTube has had over the years.


Competition is good for the consumer and if YouTube realizes that creators and their fans will move to another platform, they’ll start to improve their sites to keep up! Now this all depends on his fans. I already saw comments saying that they’re not moving and that he sold out. These are illogical statements but unfortunately people these days have gotten more entitled to their own good. The man has provided free entertainment at no one’s expense, yet many feel like this. I’ll never understand it.

Not only would this be a good thing, but it would allow Joe to invite the guest that he wants to invite without worrying that YouTube would shut it down. However, you gotta remember that Spotify once upon a time banned Alex Jones, so who’s to say they won’t be the same.

I’m rooting for the guy to succeed in this endeavor, and quite it would benefit everyone in the field off content creation!

2 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Decision To Partner Up With Spotify Needs To Succeed!

  1. Joe’s probably gonna catch a major W with this move. Unlike, ninja who went to a small platform for big money, Joe is going to arguably the biggest audio streaming product around. Even if his viewership takes a dip he should still get enough for youtube to feel threatened

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