So the latest Boruto chapter, Chapter 46 finally explained how the Karma works and what it means for Boruto. However, I feel like the chapter also answered a question once asked a long time ago and that’s Boruto’s eye being the cause for his anguish and home’s destruction. Now, I’m theorizing here so nothing I’m saying is to be taken literally. It’s just for fun and to explore a possible possibility to how the Boruto story might play out!

When Momoshiki looked into Brotuo’s eyes and made that comment, he warned him that someday his blue eyes would take everything from him and that he’s no longer an ordinary human after defeating a god. I often wondered what that meant, seeing as Naruto and Sasuke both defeated “a god” and had a relatively great life afterward. What made Boruto’s achievement any different? What was it about his eyes that sets him apart?


This has plagued the minds of many Boruto fans, forcing us to come up with a lot of theories. However, we may have gotten a little bit closer to understanding what Boruto’s fate entails. We know now that the Karma seal is slowly programming Boruto’s very genes into a replicate Momoshiki, and at some point, Boruto will exhibit traits similar to that of Momoshiki. With that added context, one as to wonder was it really Kawaki who destroyed the village? It’s clear that they’re setting up Kawaki for something, which a lot of us assume it to be him turning on the Leaf, but what if Boruto’s the one who, without realizing it, starts to turn against the Leaf as time progresses. It could play out like this:

As many of you have noticed, Shikamaru has changed A LOT. His demeanor has gotten more aggressive and cold as of late and he’s the one who’s quicker to do the unthinkable when the village is in danger. Knowing that Boruto’s DNA is been overwritten every second, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point he suggests to lock or seal Boruto away! This could cause Boruto to act out, fleeing the village as a result to search for an answer. It’s true that Boruto’s character is shaped to mimic that of his father, but this could be a rare chance to see him show some form of resentment towards the village as he’s being hunted down.


At some point, a time skip would occur, showing a much older Boruto but one who’s personality has gone cold. It’ll be difficult to determine if Momoshiki has influenced him at this point or if it’s simply just the way he ends up from years of running. There’s no answer found for the Karma seal at this point in time, so instead Boruto chooses to accept the seal and learn how to control the power. This is where I predict things go downhill for him. I’m assuming in one theory he’ll lose control of the karma seal and wreck havoc on the village. Remember when he said,” The Age of Shinobi is over”? What if he was saying this in a way to imply that he’s the one ending it himself? He also said “I can’t believe you’d go this far to Kawaki” and for a while, we all thought that he was shocked to see Kawaki turn against the leaf village. However another way to look at it would be, he can’t believe he’d go this far for this village!

Maybe, another theory is he learned something that warped his mind. Now, of course, Kawaki also proclaimed the end of the shinobi era, with Boruto responding with “I’m still a Ninja” but just like how Sasuke once upon a time sought for a different path to a ninja, maybe Boruto went the same route! Momoshiki had the ability to see Boruto’s fate. We don’t know how he has it but he does. Would be it so farfetched to assume that at some point Boruto also learns this ability, and maybe he saw something that drove him to such extremes? That’s what I think the “blue eyes will take everything away from you” line could’ve have meant. Boruto, with the power of foresight saw something so terrible that he simpley couldn’t accept it and heads out to change it no matter what!

There’s just one thing, Kawaki threatening to send Boruto to the same place as his father! We thought at the time that it meant that he’s going to kill or seal Boruto away in the same fashion as he did Naruto, but what if he simply implied that Boruto will meet his father to answer for his crimes against the village?

What? Theories can be wild, that’s the whole point of them.

Well that’s my wild take, let me know what you think and if you have your own crazy theory,m shoot it down in the comments.

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