Yesterday, Sucker Punch revealed a cool 18 minutes game of Tsushima I was very impressed with it. This is what we gamers want, actual gameplay that gives us an insight as to what we can expect when we spent that €60 on it! Microsoft and lear a thing or two from how Sony does things!

There really isn’t much to say that the video hasn’t already. This game is wah most assassin’s Creed fans have wanted Ubisoft to do but haven’t. So Sucjer Pucmnh took it upon themselves to make that Feudal Japan Assassin game. If I were to criticize one aspect of the game, it would be its combat, mostly the Samurai aspect of it. I do hope I can adjust the angle of the camera as I’m not too fond as to where it’s placed right now. Other than that, everything is great. I really do appreciate now how they’ve removed the minimap or anything that would usually show you the way from a HUD perspective and have instead integrated it as the kind itself showing you the way.


I also liked how animals in the game will something lead you to new undiscovered places with hidden gems and whatnot. That was a pretty cool addition. Truth be told, had I not seen the trailer chances are I’d ignore most of the animals, so now I’ll follow anything that moves. This is how I want my presentation to go henceforth. I have a good sense of what the game will be about and know exactly whether it’s for me or not. If you say that you’ll show gameplay, then make it that, actually gameplay been played. I’ll never understand why Microsoft and Xbox insist on shooting themselves in the foot so much. Even Nintendo gets it!

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