Hey, I know you’re likely sick of this Last of Us 2 drama but this is a hot topic right now and as such I will talk about it. That, and there’s literally nothing else to talk about. Over the past few days, the Last of Us 2 leak has set off a dialogue I didn’t quite expect. I thought fans of the series would be annoyed as hell that it got leaked, that their favorite game had undergone such a horrific event, but instead as more fans learn about the spoiler, their anger turns into a sigh of relief…then immerse frustration. They begin to thank the leaker for saving them from experiencing what they’ve described as a “horrible ending”.

Look, let me emphasize something here as there seems to be certain rhetoric going on online. I do not condone the leaking of ANY GAME! Regardless of how I may feel about the direction of any particular game, leaking something that people have worked hard creating is never OK, regardless of the cause! I do hope whoever did this will receive their just deserts.

Moving on, I’ve always stood by on the notion that creators should be free to create and write their vision however they want. Whether we agree with it or not, that’s the point of story-telling. You don’t get to dictate how any story should go. You can, however, review and judge the story any way you want. You can decide not to buy a game, book or any work that you are not happy with. That is your right as a consumer. That been said, it is odd though that people are enjoying this Naughty Dog downfall considering they’ve been held to such praise for years.


You’ve seen the videos online!  The “Go woke, go broke” videos etc. Despite Naughty Dog and Sony already “debunking” the rumours of a Naughty Dog employee leaking the game, people seem to be hung up on it. Why? Well, from what I’ve been gathering, Naughty Dog has allegedly been abusing the copyright system on YouTube to try and silence the spread of the information and people have interpreted it as damage control. Added to the fact that a lot of people who saw that spoiler REALLY unanimously hated that ending, claiming it to be SJW-centric, which doesn’t help their case. In fact, there’s so much about this game coming out that it’s giving certain groups of people unlimited ammunition. It’s like they got their hands of the Infinity Gauntlet.

This damn leak drama is actually more entertaining than the actual TLOU 2 story from what I’ve been seeing! I’m not gonna pretend to be on a high moral horse here, I’m on the ground enjoying the shit out of this mess too. Deep down, I kinda hope the leaker really is an employee just to make this drama more hype. Officially, it was a hack on their servers but come on, people can lie! Not to mention, we keep getting multiple news, with different explanations.

Anyways, that’s just my speculation. Joking aside, this whole event is sad for those that worked on it! It must be devastating to see what people are saying online. You could have chucked it to just haters, but when you start to see actual fans complaining, that’s got to be demoralizing.

Let me know what you guys think of the reaction from the leak!


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