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Sony has announced that they’ve caught the person responsible for the worst gaming leak in video game history.  And as it turns out the Last of Us 2 leaker is not in-house as we’ve been lead to believe from the rumours and speculation.

According to Polygon:

SIE has identified the primary individuals responsible for the unauthorized release of TLOU2 assets. They are not affiliated with Naughty Dog or SIE. We are unable to comment further because the information is subject to an on-going investigation. We’re looking forward to when The Last of Us Part II will be in your hands and can’t wait for you to enjoy the full experience on June 19.


I hope they unleash hell to whoever leaked the game but a part of me isn’t really buying this answer from Sony. For the internal build to have been leaked to such an extent only serves to prove that Sony or Naughty Dog may have hired a contractor of a sort if we were to go with their response. That would validate their “outsider” claim. Either way, I hope this person receives his/her just desert for what they’ve done. Sony and Naughty Dog have to make an example of this leaker so future people are scared away from doing such a thing in the future.


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