Yesterday, Geoff Keighley announced Summer Game Fest, a four-month industry-wide celebration of video games with digital news, in-game events & playable content. This is something new and if successful, could once and for all put the final nail in the coffin for E3.

Ever since Nintendo took the lead to do things online, we’ve been seeing a shift of more and more companies making that transition to an online presence. Now, Geoff Keighley seems to be taking that idea to the next level with Summer Game Fest. It’s all free and virtual, something we all saw coming one day wasn’t expecting anytime this soon. If anything, this timing is damm near perfect. Everyone is at home because of this pandemic and with nothing else to do, they’ll be tuning in every day to see the latest updates for their favorite game.


We’ll see how this will all turn out for Geoff. Even though I am saddened by the state of E3, I knew it wasn’t going to last the moment they opened up the doors for the public and with Nintendo already paving the way to digital events. it was a wrap. As a gamer, I’ve always wanted to attend E3 however, it looks like that won’t be the case anymore. Let me know what you guys think about Geoff’s Summer Game Fest.

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