I’ve been pseudo-following this COREUPT game for some time. Often times, I wonder why I keep seeing its assets change so dramatically. It’s only after I decided to dig deeper did I realize the cause. Now, there’s very little information out on this game, and it should not be mistaken for another game called Black Salt Correption, COREUPT is a separate brand new fighting game based on the COREUPT comic universe.

Trust me, I made the same mistake in assuming that the Black Salt Coreuption and Coreipt were the same game. So I’ll clarify it here. Black Salt Coreuption is a one-on-one 3D arena fighting game that allows complete freedom of movement around the arena rather than 3D fighters doing combat on a 2D plane. The Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game series also combines two action properties, Black Salt and the Coreupt comic universe. Black Salt Coreuption is coming to the Switch. That’s why I got so confused. It didn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the other game that has the same IP.

However, this blog is focusing on COREUPT, the other fighting game that’s more traditionally 2D structured and looks cooler in my opinion. According to that world’s lore: It’s a world where characters can tap into a source of power (COREUPT) to strengthen their abilities to protect or destroy. The combat in COREUPT looks crazy over the top and reminiscent of those old school fighting games.

COREUPT looks visually amazing too, running on the Unreal Engine 4. From what I was able to gather from his previous tweets, it’s hinted that COREUPT might be heading to the PC and PS5 which is dope to see.

If I can give just one feedback, I hope Indie Game Developer Jesse Wright decides to create a YouTube channel or a website to make it easier to follow his progress. Twitter is fine but you need that YouTube presence too. It was hard enough to find this info about the game, and just like I mentioned before, I almost mistook it for Black Salt Coreuption.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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