One of the most, and I mean THE most anticipated games by PS4 gamers is Last of Us 2. So when the game was delayed indefinitely due to novel coronavirus, it didn’t sit with many fans. So you can imagine how they must feel now with major leaks about the story making rounds online, with so sight as to when the game might be released. We’re talking actual cutscenes, details about game modes, which consequently confirms an early leak about the game. However, it’s how the leak came about that made it that much more interesting.

From what skimming I was able to do online, allegedly the game got leaked by a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee, once again stressing the allegedly part . It’s speculated that they weren’t happy with Naughty Dog and decided to take matters into their own hands. Like I said, these are cyber whispers on these virtual streets, nothing is confirmed yet. Most likely some random must have gotten his/her hands on a copy and thought to farm some attention points online. Keep in mind, this game is subject to change  and/or the leak could be taking scenes out of context but rest assured, these leaks are real. Very real, I’ve seen them myself.


Though, there is some tiny merit to it been someone from the inside. As far as I’m concerned, the games hasn’t been shipped out yet to retails, so only the employees of Naughty Dog, and any important affiliates would have had access to the game. Now, I won’t be sharing any details of the leaks here or the link to find (mostly out of respect of the employees who slaved away making this game, but it won’t be difficult to find them yourself) but from what I saw and heard, the story ain’t looking so good. I mean, it’s bad, bad according to fans of the series who saw the leaks. I’ve seen a lot of people comparing Last of Us 2 story to Season 8 of GoT. Now that’s a statement.

So if you’re looking forward to playing the game yourself, start taking steps to filter out Last of Us 2 online and block any of those asshole friends you know damm well will spoil the shit outta you! Good Luck

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