Wait, hear me out here! I know the title sounds a little simp-like but I’m looking at this from a logical point of view. Alinity has violated the terms of service of Twitch, true, but at this point, she’s no longer to blame for the lack of suspension/ban. We have to take our annoyance towards Twitch.


Alinity has again gone through another nip-slip, except this time, she showed a whole breast! I mean, I see the internet point in going after Alinity but she’s not the enemy here, not today at least. It’s Twitch that should be feeling our wrath for their bloody inconsistency. We can make all the memes we want on Alinity but if we don’t seriously start taking some type of action against Twitch, nothing is going to change. I know that the peeps online like to say that Alinity has some arrangement that prevents her from getting suspended/banned, which could be true, but without any solid proof, it remains a mere rumor. All we have for certain is that Twitch won’t ban her and it’s getting ridiculous at this point and Twitch has to explain themself.

Let me know what you think about all of this!

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