For a while now, it has been rumored that Playground Games are the developers who are working on the possibly upcoming Fable 4, the same developers who made Forza Horizon 4. The game is known for its photorealistic graphics, so if that’s anything to go by. we might in for something amazing.

I won’t lie, I came across this from watching a YouTuber known as MathChief, who usually those reporting on leaks and news update. After the video, I had to go do some investigation to see if what he was saying in his video was true or at least added up. Keep in mind that this is all rumor and speculation, nothing more, but I still wanted to discuss the possibility.

As it turns out, PlayGround is indeed hiring for a position in Material Artist, however, what makes this position a little more interesting is that one of the required skills is in working with photogrammetry, something that Quixel Engine is designed to do. We’ve already seen the Quixel Engine in action with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and that game looked incredible. So imagine what Fable 4 would look like on the Quixel Engine, shit would be insane. In fact, let me show you:

YouTube player

Just to note, Quixel joined forces with Epic Games a few months ago so all those assets are available on the Unreal Engine. If there’s any engine that will bring Fable 4 to the next-gen console, it’s Unreal Engine 4. Well, that’s my speculation done. What do you think, sound realistic or is it too good to be true!



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