We’re living in uncertain times! With the COVID-19 changing our very way of life, we all had to adapt. However, I’d never imagined that we would be heading towards a world previously only thought to only exist in dystopian sci-fi films. What I’m getting at is this, reports are going around that Google and Facebook are working with various authorities/govs to relay personal information of those who may be suspect of carrying the Chinese Covid-19 virus. Not only that but there’s also talk of a contact tracing app that keeps track of your whereabouts and contacts you’ve made with other people.

OK look, I get what they’re trying to do here. It’s all for the public safety of the citizen and a way to fast-track us back to our daily lives. In fact, this would help speed the process of recovery according to BBC if handled with honesty and only for the sole purpose for this Covid-19, too bad we live in something called reality. We’ve heard how Google and Facebook have abused their power. This will not be any different.

I can’t be the only one seeing how this can easily be abused in the near future. Come on, this a classic sci-fi scenario where governments have unyielding power to know exactly where you are at all times and who you’ve been in contact with. And the fact that Google and Facebook are so eager to jump in and help, only serve to raise my concern. We are already given these silicon valley companies enough data to the point that they may know us better than we know ourselves, and now they expect us to give them MORE data, MORE access to our private lives. Yeah, not exactly a fan of that.


Of course, they’re saying that this app won’t be mandatory yet, but how long will that last until downloading this app becomes a necessity to return back to work. To be able to go to the shops or any place really. Just think about what Google and Facebook could do with this level of information. You walk into let’s say, Footlockers, next thing you know you getting ads for various Jordans. Or let’s say your share an unpopular opinion about the action of….the government for example. You’re telling me you won’t disappear?

Nah, that’s a bit too much for me. They say the app should ensure that no user knows the identity of any infected persons or of close contacts of infected persons, but I ain’t worried about the individual, I’m worried what the big guys will do with all that power.

I just thought I’d share another perspective on this whole thing. You know there are some countries that will love to have this kind of power. Let me know what you guys think of all this?


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