In my last blog, I talked about how I feel that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X would be a bit more costly than their previous generation, now I’m hearing that the PS5 not only will cost folks $500 – $550 but with the added pandemic and rumoured overheating, things aren’t looking too good for PlayStation.

According to rumours by ComicBook, there report that Playstation are having difficulty maintaining an acceptable temperature for the PS5. If this is true, then this then most certainly will result in the PS5 been either delayed or like what the rumours sway, sold at a listed number until they can fix that issue. Now, I understand why Sony might be thinking of selling at least some limited amount of consoles to cover the cost of production but they might as well delay the console to 2021 at this point. That’s if these rumours are to be believed.


If you ask me, I’m starting to believe them as we have yet to even see that damm console itself, meanwhile Xbox has not only shown us the console but what it’s all about. It’s mad suspicious that we’re approaching Summertime and we’ve yet to see what the PS5 console looks like, only further adding to the fact that the design for the console, it’s ventilation must be hindering the cooling, thus the overheating.

Truth be told, I’m holding off from buying a PS5 console until at least 6 months after release, I’d not experience this red light of death energy this news is given off.

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