So yet another streamer decided to drop the N-word, with the hard R mind you and gets his career shutdown. However, this one is especially funny to me because it comes from Kyle Larson, an American race car driver of Japanse decent who the face sort of for Diversity’s Drive for Diversity (D4D) in his career.

I’m not surprised. In fact, I’d wager no one is surprised at this point, not by Kyle Larson saying the N-word, but by the fact that this is an occurring trend will know won’t be ending any time some. We know behind doors, everyone, and I mean everyone says some vile shit, but what blows my mind is that, without fail, they continue to throw their careers down the toilet like that. In Kyle Larson case, with wasn’t like it slipped out, like it those with a lot of these White dudes, he asked if he could hear him, then said it.

When it does happen, purposely or not, the apology is useless because we know they don’t mean it. It’s like as a child when your Mum makes you apologize to the kid you kicked the ball at during recess. You said it, but deep down you could care less, and just wanted to get it over with. I’m mean he apologized to everyone first and left the actual people that could take an offense to what he said last. Look, I’m not gunning for a witch hunt, it’s pointless. He got punished, getting suspended without pay by both Nascar and his team, Chip Ganassi Racing, so I guess that’s that! So long as the get punished for the stupidity, then all is well again.

It’s so weird, not an ounce of me is mad, offended or even a bit bothered by it whatsoever, it’s just comical at this point. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s still wrong for him to say it like that of course and should be taken seriously at the end of the day! Let me know what you guys think?


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