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Yep! I’m making that call now. Once Valorant drops in the Summer 2020, after the first week of people playing after not been able to get a key and feeling left out, they will drop the game! It’s not Overwatch, this is a CSGO 2.0 with flashy powers. Valorant is NOT going to be for the mass casual.

Look, the reason why Valorant is so popular right now on Twitch is due a number of requisites:

  1. Corona Virus,
  2. Drop – enabled beta key system gimmick,
  3. Popular Twitch streamers hyping it up,
  4. Limited Access,
  5. Lack of Shooters currently on the market.


Once people get a chance to play the game in the Summer, I promise you, the mass casual players hoping to play this game will realize that Valorant is one of those games that those not care for the casual players and caters extremely towards the hardcore players with the 144hz monitors and top tier mouse and keyboard. It’s a bold claim I know, but judging from what I have observed so far, it’s looking like that going to be the case. Also, if they don’t address the cheater already trying to make Valorant their new home, it won’t be pretty long term.

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