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Yes, just like you, I have opened up a Valorant Twitch stream on the side while carrying on with my everyday work trying to farm a Valorant beta. And just like you, I’m beginning to feel like I’m been trick into given Valorant this perception that people are actually watching the game or streamer that the hype is real, rather than trying to get a key. When in reality that’s not the case at all.


I say this as I have seen people share screenshots and articles about Valorant having a record-breaking day on Twitch, when the reality is that those numbers have been inflated from thousand of people opening up a dozen tabs, all in an attempt to get a Valorant key. Oh, and by the way, that still doesn’t work. The hype for the Valorant is real, that much is clear, but is much of that is actually represented by the views on Twitch? I feel like Valorant is not a game for everyone, and the skill ceiling to be decent is mad high, and once the casuals get shot and realize this, only the hardcore will remain to play.

That’s just my opinion. Who knows, maybe I’m just salty that I still haven’t gotten a key. Heck, I wrote this while there’s a tab opened. That still doesn’t mean I won’t call them out on this bullshit practice for getting keys.

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