Who would have thought that I’d see 5G mobile tech get associated or blamed for the Coronavirus, but if anything, it does put a spotlight once again to the next generation of mobile internet connectivity and whether or not it might have any long term negative attributes to it.

5G has always been a hot topic for those who aren’t well-versed in mobile internet connectivity, heck even I’m still learning new things about this stuff every day. So I wanted to share my thoughts and opinion on the concerns that people have because despite what advocates of 5G will say, we have to wonder when technology will reach a point that it starts having not only a negative effect on our body but to our world as well.

So to get right down to the topic at hand, the main issues that people have with 5G are the radio waves that the 5G towers will emit which generates heat, causing harm to the human body long term. Unlike 4G and Wifi routers, 5G uses millimeter waves which are much shorter than that of 4G or a typical Wifi router, thus meaning that 5G will consume a lot more power to produce. In comparison, 4G uses approx. 2.5GHz, while 5G, on the other hand, will be using frequencies up to 300GHz.


Let me first dispel the notion around 5G that has sprung up over the past few days. 5G does not cause the Coronavirus. I have heard the argument made that 5G blocks the immune system, making you susceptible to the virus, but when you take a look at the countries that don’t have 5G towers set up yet contract the virus, the argument kinda falls apart right there. It’s a shame that a conspiracy is spreading around like that and causing fear and panic among those ill-advised. Not to mention, it’s not really helping anyone.

Now, there is an argument to be made that we haven’t seen the effects that 5G has on human bodies for a long period of time, say one year for example! Even though studies have suggested that 5G’s radio waves fall on the non-ionizing spectrum of the electromagnetic wave, according to Dr Simon Clarke, it still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be at least concerned or cautious every time we introduce a new tech to the world. If this pandemic has taught us anything, is that we never know when shit could hit the fan, and many of the western first-world countries (except Germany apparently) just aren’t ready for a pandemic. Coronavirus showed us that!

Personally, even if you aren’t for this new 5G technology, there’s little you can actually do to stop it the evolution! Just like how people opposed 4G in the past and eventually moved on, so too will this fear of 5G pass. Our only option is to trust the experts whose job it is to tell us whether this stuff being introduced to our society is harmful to us or not. Supple that with your own search on the matter and you’ll find that there’s not really anything to be concerned about yet

And of course, you as a person can also take the necessary steps to protect yourself if you absolutely feel that 5G towers are a threat to your health. I won’t mock you for that. Health is all we got so taking care of it is our number one priority.

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