I never thought they’d be a day when the GOAT, aka Digimon Adventure, would make a return in 2020. Nevertheless, here we are, with the first episode of the Digimon Adventure Remake 2020 making a great albeit speedy debut in my opinion.

Given that this new installment of the Digimon Adventure is a remake of the original, I wasn’t expecting it to be a 1:1 with the 1999 original, but the stark difference is noticeable from the start,

They completely modernized the origin stories of Tai and Izzy, along with the rest of the world and how Digimon came to our world. The visuals are as expected for a 2020 remake, and we how advanced our technology has gotten, certain plot points could end up becoming even more interesting. The best part from the Digimon Adventure remake was the fight sequences and the Digivolution. The transition phase looked so damm good, and if that’s them going from rookie to champion, then the rest of the evolution’s about to be amazing. I wonder will they be able to do that for every single moment they have to digivolve. I doubt it, which I hope is the case, so when the moment calls for it, it’ll be that more epic.


Now, I did say that the episode made a great, yet speedy debut earlier on. What I meant by that is how Agumon already digivolved shortly after meeting up with Tai. I know the creators are aware that we know about these digivolutions but I thought they’d at least work their way to the digivolution in episode 2 or 3, giving us some type of build-up. It’s a small gripe but nothing that takes away from the amazing animations and visuals. This is supposed to be an ongoing series for Digimon Adventure 2020, so they’ll want to pace themselves unless of course, we’re in store for some new digivolution that we haven’t seen in the anime yet. That or maybe they’ll combine Adventure 2 and Tamers which would be sick.

Overall, I happy with how it turned out, I’ll be back to review the season when it’s over so stay tuned for that!

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