I may be late to talking about it but, if I’m hearing about this Sol Levante today, surely someone out there hasn’t heard about it either so I’m good! Sol Levante is a short film, the world’s first piece of hand-drawn animation made with the high-resolution 4K format in mind, according to Netflix.

The whole film is literally only two minutes long but I will admit, it does look visually stunning and the audio is impressive.

Born from an experimental project between Netflix and Production I.G, Sol Levante is one of the world’s first 4K and HDR native hand-drawn anime shorts. Sol Levante used immersive capture and Dolby Atmos to lift the emotional story of Sol Levante and introduce viewers to the world’s first 4K HDR hand-drawn animation by Japanese animation studio, Production I.G.

1_DLKFTW9BT92QOF7jx7uGZA (1).png

Basically, they wanted to see just how far you could push the quality of anime or animation. Admittedly it was impressive, a visual and audio spectacle to say the least. Been able to draw in 4K according to the animators has allowed them to be extremely detail with their drawing, and with the addition of HDR, the colours and contrast really pop. What I most impressed by Sol Levante is how they trying to push anime into a whole to level, separating it from the notion of it just being a “Japanese cartoon”. Of course, most of us reading know better but it’s still cool to see what they’re trying to do.

If you got a 4K TV with HDR, I would suggest checking it out.

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