Listen, I didn’t want to use that title, for obvious reasons but when you look at what’s been happening with the My Hero Academia “fandom”, it’s the only title that perfectly encapsulates these people.

My Hero Academia fanbase has had a history of toxicity and downright weird behavior. From demanding shippings, certain attire been too revealing (that one has some merits honestly as these are anime kids in high-school after all), being mad that a bad character is learning about the errors of his ways and going on a redemption arc, actually complaining about the skin tone of the newly introduced hero Mirko to complaining about shit nobody gives two shits about. And worst of all is the art that they draw of these characters. There’s no way you’d draw or like that kind of stuff and not alert the FBI! Just saying!


It’s gotten so bad that there are actually people who’d wish what happening to KyoAni to happen to Studio Bones, the studio that’s currently animating the anime. Now, with their latest whining of an irrelevant scene in the anime not being 1:1 with the manga, these fans have once again taken it to Twitter to yet again complain.  This has led me to come to the conclusion that these are not actual fans of the anime but rather parasites who invade various communities to “bitch about shit no one cares about.” Honestly, they need their own name at this point to properly classify them.

The only reason why I’m highlighting all this is to show that this not a representative of the community. These people have neglected the fact that one, we’re going through a pandemic which could have affected the usual process of animating scenes (not that the scene was bad in the first place) and two, it can always be fixed on DVD.

Listen, be grateful for what you have, you’re lucky we’re even getting an anime in the first place.


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