After months, maybe even years, of waiting for actually update about the Ashes of Creation MMO, we finally for a Development Update + Alpha One Early Preview of the game and it was in-depth!

In their recent live stream, Steven Sharif, Jeffrey Bard, and Margaret Krohn take you on a journey through an early preview of Ashes Of Creation’s Alpha One with a live gameplay experience. We got to see more of the combat, node system in action, the world itself, constructing buildings, and how you’ll be traversing across it. The version that they showed us was not Alpha One for Ashes Of Creation, but a version prior to it.

EUKJY6uWkAAfy5E (1).jpg

This is what I wanted to see for a long time! To see how this game is developing over the years and we got just that! Seeing as this an early version of Ashes Of Creation, it would be pointless to criticize or judge anything too seriously as everything that was shown is subject to change. Giving feedback is the best route in this stage.

However, I will say that for a game that in a pre-alpha state, it actually looks pretty good, and that alone gives me hope for the final product. Knowing that they’ve made significant progress in the past few years does put me at ease that they’re still committed to bringing us a well-sculptured MMO experience.

Check out the one hour preview below and let me know what you guys think!

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