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Meet SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE! Marvel’s New ‘New Warriors’ That United Both Sides For The First Time In Years!

SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE? I….bro, you can’t tell me we ain’t in a glitched Matrix after this! Marvel deadass decided to create characters based on the terminology we associate with SJW’s! This is bait, it has to be!

I initially didn’t even want to talk about it. I mean, what is there to even discuss at this point. We’ve known for years that Marvel has forsaken actual engaging stories for virtue signaling, but this is them just finally knocking down the doors and been straight up honest with us about their agenda.


We got SCREENTIME, SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE, B-NEGATIVE and of course lets not forget TRAILBLAZER. This is the first time I have seen the community on both side collectivity SHIT on these characters, of course for different reasons. Then again, this is perfect. This will finally show us of there really is an audience for these types of characters. Who knows, maybe I’m out of touch, maybe this is what these new kids need, what they actually want. The sales should reflect that right?

Yeah, I got nothing else to say here anymore. I already said all I could on this topic in the past which you can find below:

Let me know what you think of these new heroes. Who knows, aside from the irony, the story might be cool, maybe?


2 thoughts on “Meet SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE! Marvel’s New ‘New Warriors’ That United Both Sides For The First Time In Years!

  1. From what I read, the creators are trying to take back the words, making them as sources of powers instead of being deemed as being weak.

    I’m not bothered. It’s one Marvel comic book in their regular pile. Wouldn’t be surprised if part of the reason they have those names is to generate free press. I’ll check out the first issue when it comes out and see for myself if it’s worth sticking with.

    1. That’s what I heard too, and I personally don’t think it’s going to fair well! But yeah, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this just to see how it does. Who knows, it mind end up being good for all we know.

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