I started seeing this Solo Leveling creep up online over the past couple of days and so I decided to check it out, seeing as I’m trying to read more manga! I have to say that this South Korean novel written by Chu-Gong is crazy good!

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel written by Chu-Gong. The premise is quite simple:

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest of the rank E hunters and barely stronger than a normal human. One day, he and other hunters find themselves trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-Woo himself hardly survives and is the only one who completes all the trials in this dungeon. He then turns into a “player” who can now see an interface showing him quests.  The manhwa depicts how the weakest of all the hunters grows to become the strongest there is.


As usually, any work whether manga or anime that has a video game theme really draws me in and with how dark Solo Leveling gets, I was hocked from chapter 5. There hasn’t been an official English translation yet or an announcement for an anime adaptation but I would really recommend people reading the manhwa if anything else as it’s really good. The art-style is great and the plot it pretty interesting in of itself. There’s already over 100 chapters so there’s plenty of contents to read!

Check it out and let me know what you all think?

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