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Marvel Writer Dan Slott Says “Fuck You” To Comic Book Fans Who May Decide To Vote For Trump Again!

So Marvel writer Dan Slott effectively just told a huge portion of its fanbase to go fuck themselves if they go and vote for Trump again. I mean, I feel like you’d lose your job if you told your potential customers to go fuck themselves but I guess Dan Slott is immune to that rule. Seriously, I’m reading the headline of this blog and I still can’t believe it happened.

Look, I have my own political stances on things, as do you! We all have things that we agree and disagree politically. However, when you say fuck you to your potential customers while representing a major corporation, usually that’s basically committing career suicide in a normal functioning society.

I’m all for expressing your opinions as I do as well on my personal Twitter account, however my man Dan here is representing Marvel to an extent, so in a way unfortunately, it comes off as if Marvel themselves have told fans of a certain political side to fuck off if anyone of them chooses to vote for Trump again in 2020! Think about it this way, if Dan has said this exact same thing to a candidate of the opposite side, would he still be doing his job? It’s clear there’s an underlining bias here and it’s getting worse.

This administration is NOT on top of this emergency.

They’re ignoring or contradicting their OWN experts.

People are dying.

And he’s golfing at his resort AGAIN and profiting off it.

I’m NOT saying f*ck you for voting for him.

I AM saying f*ck you if you vote for him AGAIN.

Dan Slott (@DanSlott) March 8, 2020

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Personally, I really don’t care who the Americans chose to vote for since I’m not American myself (I’m not a fan of Trump either if I being real here), however, I’m more focusing on the principle of this whole debacle and what this says about Marvel going forward. If Marvel doesn’t issue some type of statement, disavowing what Dan has said in his tweet and show that they are a neutral party in this political sphere, it would then just confirm that Marvel really just doesn’t care about some their customers or the comic book business itself.

I mean, we kinda already knew this but this is just bad regardless. You have a few people on their department taking their political viewpoint to the extreme and literally using it to destroy a medium many of us grew up with.

Let me make this perfectly clear: He can attack Trump all he wants, drag him to hell even, but the moment you start attacking your potential customers in an attempt to either virtue signal or whatever it is while representing a massive corporation like Marvel, there has to be some type of consequence.


5 thoughts on “Marvel Writer Dan Slott Says “Fuck You” To Comic Book Fans Who May Decide To Vote For Trump Again!

  1. Cultural marxists don’t care about people. The left has long dominated the big corporations and imposes its radical agenda on the population through these corporations. That’s why we can see Black Superman, gay superheroes and so much diversity. I have nothing against black people or gays. So, I haven’t been following Marvel, DC, and other such disgusting leftists for a long time. In this context it is not surprising that such people with such idiotic behaviors appear. I lived in a country for 50 years of communism. Cultural Marxism and political correctness are pure and true communism. President Trump has always unmasked and disavowed political correctness and said things by name.That’s why so many people voted for him and will vote for him again. So I prefer European, Franco-Belgian comics.

    1. Diversity isn’t an issue, the issue is how it’s been implemented. They’re not focusing on the core of what makes a character great, which is the story. Also, multiverse is a thing in DC and Marvel comics so various version of Superman is common and has been for a while now, well before this aggressive diversity push started! Of course these ones never replaced the main Kal-El Superman.

  2. Tbh, if I was one of the head honchos at Marvel then Slott would be gone asap. You can criticize ideals and people but it has to be tactful. You can’t just go out here and say “fuck you” for voting for someone you don’t like, you actually critique it. It’ll still fuck you over a bit but it at least makes you look better than being an outright asshole.

  3. From what I gather, Dan Slott has always been outspoken so I doubt this will harm is relationship at Marvel. But, I do agree if he’s representing Marvel (even as a freelancer), he has to be careful what and how he says things. Even if I TOTALLY agree with his statement.

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